Profitable Traffic Building – 3 Big Barriers to Creating a Constant Flow of Highly Qualified Traffic

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Profitable Traffic Building is an essential skill for building a successful online business. Are you are reading this because you want a successful online business, right?

The challenge is there are many barriers in the way of profitable traffic building for both beginners and experienced online entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at 3 big barriers and what to do instead.

3 Big Barriers to Profitable Traffic Building

Traffic Building Barrier #1 – Lack of Knowledge – Even experienced online entrepreneurs are challenged by this one. That’s because most online entrepreneurs don’t know these important 4 rules of traffic generation:

Traffic Generation Rule #1 – Don’t chase after traffic. Don’t spend money on traffic until you have a proven profitable system, especially with all the great source of free traffic available to you online.

Traffic Generation Rule #2 – Find out where the traffic is already going. This is really easy to do when you use a free online tool like

Traffic Generation Rule #3 – Get in front of where the traffic is already going. Regularly and consistently get your content in front of where the traffic is already going.

Traffic Generation Rule #4 – Redirect the traffic to your profit pages. This can be an opt-in page, a sign up page or a sales page. Whatever pages bring you prospects and profits on a regular basis

Traffic Building Barrier #2 – Lack of Consistency – The reality is that most online entrepreneurs are not consistent with their traffic generation. In fact, most online entrepreneurs are not consistent with anything! Don’t be like most people.

One the simplest and most powerful ways to be consistent is to do something each day to drive traffic. It can be something as small as a 140 character tweet or something as big as a live webinar. Just make sure you do something each day.

Traffic Building Barrier #3 – Lack of Diversity – You’ve got to have multiple streams of traffic coming your way. The challenge is so many people rely on just one, and as Dan Kennedy is found of saying “the worst number in business is one.”

When you have many streams of high quality traffic coming your way, if one somehow goes away, you still have other streams coming in to build your traffic.

Insider Tip – Regularly creating high quality content is one of my best strategies for creating consistent traffic.

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